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* PARTS LIABILITY ADDRESSED: Although the liability concern related to non- OEM parts raised by shop owner Joe Lubrano in last week's CRASH Network wasn't discussed at CIC, there were several developments last week retated to the topic. CollisionWeek located a bulletin from Zurich Insurance cautioning shops they could be named in a lawsuit if a part they install fails. The bulletin states that if an offshore parts manufacturer has no U.S.-based assets and provides no liability coverage to the distributors and installers of their parts, those distributors and installers could be on the hook for any liability. Zurich recommends that shops only do business with those who provide proof of product liability insurance coverage with your shop named as an additional insured. That's essentially what Diamond Standard announced last week it was doing for Automotive Service Association members, extending to them at no charge coverage under a $40 million liability insurance policy for any liability issues related to the performance of Diamond Standard non-OEM structural parts. A website with more details about the program will launch February 1. Diamond Standard said it hopes to offer a similar program to other shops, including multi-shop operators, members of other associations, and even participants of some direct repair programs.

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